The great objectives of logosophical knowledge are:

1) Man’s conscious evolution, achieved through the organization of his mental, sensitive and instinctive systems.

2) The knowledge of one’s self, which implies full mastery of the elements which constitute the secret of each individual’s existence.

3) The integration of one’s spirit, so that the individual may put to use the values that belong to him, originating in his self inheritance.

4) The knowledge of the universal laws, which is indispensable for the human being to adjust his life to their wise principles.

5) The knowledge of the mental, transcendent or metaphysical world, where all the ideas and thoughts that fecund human life originate.

6) The creation of a new life and a better destiny, by surpassing to a maximum the common prerogatives.

7) The development and mastery of the functions of studying, learning, teaching, thinking and accomplishing, with which the logosophical method transposes itself into individual capacities of an invaluable significance for the pedagogical future in the education of humanity.

Contents of the book “Initiation Course into Logosophy”